Finished fabric pre-control and testing department | Centro La Piramide
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Finished fabric pre-control and testing department

Standard tests are carried out on finished fabrics before continuing to inspection: central selvedge tests, washing tests, steaming tests etc. Only when these tests are accepted or meet the acceptable levels is the fabric sent for inspection, so as to immediately intercept faults and avoid needlessly inspecting bolts.

controllo tessile

If a new allocation is requested from the dye baths, a continuity card is put together to assign each bolt its own shade, which will be reported on the sheet for each bolt, so that the final customer can receive the bolts with the new shades, bringing together as many bolts as possible in a single new lot.


The following equipment is always available: dry and wet washing machines, in compliance with all ISO standards for shrinkage; 3 Hoffmann presses  for steam tests; and professional irons for eliminating folds.

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On raw fabrics, if required, we are able to dye with our mini dye, using dyes for natural or synthetic fibers.