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Quality control department

14 machines connected to two conveyor belts that send the fabric to the two bolt packaging machines, distributed on two separate lines.

7 machines for the transfer of the a navetta fabric

7 machines with perforated conveyor belts for the transport of two-way stretch and knitted fabrics, and finally a mirror angled over the workshop, under which knitted articles – subject to rolling problems due to the selvedges – pass for inspection, thereby allowing for a smaller inspection area.

reparto controllo qualità tessile gruppo poccianti

After each batch of bolts is inspected, a summary packing list and any comments from the inspection itself will be sent on, in which the general characteristics of the fabric will be described, along with anything that had not been reported.

On the packing for each bolt the following information is listed: the total flaws, heights, g/lm, g/sqm, and anything found by our operators during the inspection.

In the event that the fabric requires any interventions, we are able to correct the flaws immediately, avoiding the need to send the bolts back and rework them during finishing, and all the associated costs.

A representative sample of the inspected article is archived, as well as a  central selvedge and a steam test result form.

All bolts are stamped with our emblem at either end, to guarantee the length of the bolt; this guarantee is certified through weekly checks carried out by an outside firm.

A guarantee is also provided for weights, certified weekly.

All documentation can also be printed with the customer’s logo, and is permanently available on our website.

We have prepared 2 mirrors with metal detector bars for inspecting fabric that will be shipped to Japan, where metal residue on fabric is not permitted.

1 dual Sperotto steamer, balancer, basket and dryers complete the department.