Roll/roll unfinished fabric department | Centro Rammendo La Piramide
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Roll/roll unfinished fabric department

We have 20 roll to roll machines, for inspecting and mending finer fabrics – cotton, linen etc. – and fabrics that need to be kept rolled to avoid forming creases.

The machines are fed by 2 conveyor belts that transfer the bolts into a single space, where the warehouse staff prepare the unfinished fabrics for finishing or storage.

Our staff are qualified to inspect bolts of fabric, count strokes, weigh unfinished fabrics and dye samples (of both wool and synthetic fabrics), for any flaws that may emerge during dyeing and finishing, i.e. the use of incorrect distaffs or dye running, working with the Ugulini dyeing plant. This department also supports quality control in the event of more lengthy trimming or solution-treating of finished fabrics.