Unfinished fabric folding department | Centro Rammendo La Piramide
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Unfinished fabric folding department

We have 28 machines dedicated to the processing of all fabrics that do not require rolling, able to carry out several different folding styles for fabrics that require only mending or trimming.

2 machines for inspecting  tubular knit fabrics: the operator inspects the fabric, reporting any defects (holes, ladders or incorrect needles), by running the fabric under a lamp known as a “bambola“. Mending is then carried out during the next stage: cutting and opening the bolt.

maglia tubolare
controllo tessile maglie tubolari

3 folding machines where the bolts are weighed, hot pressed (10 presses distributed throughout the department) and stitched; they can then be mended, in order to avoid staff lifting excessive weights under current regulations.